Why I founded Hill View, and our mission


elcome to Hill View Partners. I’m Arthur Petropoulos, and I founded Hill View in 2016 after seeing how poorly served most middle-market businesses were when they reached out for assistance with the sale of their companies or the securing of capital.

I learned my trade on Wall Street, with nearly a decade involved in investment banking, private equity, and serving as the head of corporate development, strategy, and M&A for a diversified B2B services company.

Arthur Petropoulos

Founder & Managing Partner

I’d seen the way many large companies had successfully been served by the investment banking industry, and also how the smaller businesses needing guidance—still consequential companies with up to $10 million in EBITDA—were not on investment banks’ radars or considered worth their efforts.

I also saw that many business brokers are eager for these midsize clients, however, do not have the rigorous processes or networks of actually interested, well-funded acquirers and capital sources needed—which often led to protracted, somewhat aimless marketing campaigns and less-than-optimal results.

That’s why I founded Hill View: to bring enterprise-level expertise and service in business sales and capital advisory to companies, owners, and executives that previously did not have access.

Our commitment to excellence in business transactions is longstanding. Before starting my career, I earned an undergraduate business degree and a law degree with a focus on corporate transactions and finance. Now, after a decade and a half in investment banking and M&A, business exit, and capital advisory services, I and the Hill View team have experience serving clients across a wide spectrum of industries, stages in the business life-cycle, and ownership scenarios.

Thus, while our team of associates and advisors has steadily grown since our founding, we will never let growth get in the way of the reason we created Hill View and what we get up early every day to do: provide the best service and generate the strongest possible results for our clients.

This is our mission.

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